Because we use our teeth every day, it’s no wonder that they are prone to wear, tear, and injury. Our dentists, fortunately, can quickly restore cracked, decaying, or broken teeth.
Repairing any damage to your teeth as soon as possible helps avoid further damage and enhances function in various areas, including eating and speaking. Whatever caused the damage to your teeth, we have a solution.
Fillings are used to close gaps in your teeth caused by cavities or other factors. Fillings can heal damaged, fractured, and rotting teeth, extending the life of your teeth.
Our dentist will use a local anesthetic to numb your teeth and gums before removing decay using a dental drill. The area will then be filled with a composite material that conforms to your tooth’s shape.
A crown is a permanent covering that fits over a cracked, broken, or rotting tooth and is constructed of porcelain, acrylic resin, gold, other metals, or a combination of these materials.
Crowns can whiten, straighten, and contour your natural teeth, giving you a bright and healthy smile.
Crowns that are properly constructed and fitted are nearly impossible to tell apart from natural teeth- Although porcelain crowns offer the most realistic appearance, with no black lines visible at the gum line, they can be less durable than other materials.
Bridges use a filler tooth to bridge the space left by a missing or extracted tooth. Without a bridge, neighboring teeth around the missing tooth’s area may shift, causing issues with your bite and jaw and periodontal disease. Bridges help keep your existing teeth in place, keeping your smile strong and straight.
During the initial visit, the dentist cleans any plaque or decay from the surrounding teeth and prepares the teeth to fit the crowns. The dentist takes a mold of the teeth and sends it to a dental lab, where a personalized bridge is created.
Veneers are sometimes seen as a cosmetic procedure since they restore your teeth’ original shape and color, but they also have functional objectives.
Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that are sculpted to look completely natural while concealing any faults.
They can be utilized to repair your teeth in severe dislocation, fracture, and tooth wear.
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