Teeth Cleaning

For a good reason, teeth cleaning is one of the most common reasons patients visit the dentist. Regular teeth cleaning helps us to detect and treat problems like cavities in plenty of time, ensuring the long-term health of your gums, teeth, mouth lining, and any dental implants.

We recommend having your teeth cleaned at least once every six months to keep your teeth and gums in good condition.

We offer several options for thorough teeth cleaning:

✔️ Primary teeth cleaning includes scale and polish, expert flossing, and fluoride treatment.
✔️ Airflow Sparkle Polish employs an airflow jet, the most recent advancement in teeth cleaning technology, to reveal your sparkling whites and provide a long-lasting clean.
✔️ Our quick clean provides quick results while safeguarding your teeth and gums’ health.
A clean and healthy smile boosts your confidence and helps the rest of your body stay healthy, as poor dental health can contribute to health problems in other regions of the body.
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